Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Forex Signal?

Here at Top Forex Signal we list top forex traders and giving you the opportunity to copy their trades.

What is a trade copier?

The trade copier allows you to connect your metatrader (mt4) to the account of your chosen trader (master). Your metatrader will copy all of master’s account trades. As the trades are being made, you will see it live on your mt4 platform. You are also free to close or manipulate these trades if you deem it necessary. Once connected you don't even need to keep your computer on.

Is the system is fully automated?

Yes the system is designed to be fully automated. However you can still close trades, move stop levels and even opening new trades at any time through the use of your MT4. You will have full control of your MT4 account.

Which broker do you support?

Right now our supported brokers are HotForex, XM and IC markets. We are constantly adding more brokers to our list.

How much does it cost to use the service?

We do not charge you anything. Our service is free. You only need to pay $30 a month to 4xsolutions for connection fee and their support.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes of course definitely. There is no long term commitment.

How do I manage my risk and money management settings?

There are 4 settings. Default you should use ‘mirror provider risk’. However, It defers from signal provider to signal provider and your risk for appetite. Please refer to the description of the signal provider that you are copying from.